Size of Bases ?

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Size of Bases ?

Postby Jakarn » 13 Apr 2016 15:14

I know it is early to be worried about bases, and the models probably come with bases, but I was thinking of doing something different for this game, I have seen a few games (Zombicide, and Frostgrave) where the gamers have been using clear bases. I also pledged for "Battle Systems™ Urban Apocalypse Terrain"
which I think will be great for this game. The pledge I went for was the city section and mats for the slum sections so I can make a waste land area as well, so having clear bases would look better when the models go between the two areas.

So the reason I want to know now is, if I come across deals on bases or the web store has a sale, if I know the size I can grab them. I have pledged for the " Two player Bundle" (hoping to get some friends interested and do some demos at the LGS) and the "Humanist Rebellion Starter", what size bases do I need for those two ? and I guess the larger creatures for later on ?
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Re: Size of Bases ?

Postby Simon » 14 Apr 2016 07:19

That terrain is cool!

All the models from the stuff you've pledged for are on 30mm bases. The medium-sized creatures/frames are on 40mm bases (like the Crusaders and Vampyrs) and the large are on 50mm bases (like the Kodiak and Jormungandr).
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Re: Size of Bases ?

Postby Jakarn » 14 Apr 2016 09:53

Thank you :)
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Re: Size of Bases ?

Postby heng » 27 Jun 2017 15:56

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