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Massive Ego: Learning Curve

So, I’m John that Simon mentioned last week. We’ve been best friends for a quarter of a century (note to Si, we’re old) and have been talking about working together one day for almost as long and now I’m excited that we’ve finally got round to it.
We decided to start it at the most convenient time, ie. when we both have young children, other work commitments and I live in another country…

The first challenge for me is fitting in time to work on Massive Awesome around a full-time job, childcare duties and my other interests or learning to do two things at once like lunchtime working on the ipad or blogging with a two-year old sat on your lap…

The second and bigger challenge, at least for me is once I have found an undisturbed hour, deciding what to do with it. Should I skype with Si to discuss ideas, should I do some writing, should I do some strategy work, some blogging, some market research? Should I reread the fiction that is inspiring me, look at competitor’s websites and kickstarter pages or should I read guides to starting a business,or advice on writing and organisation?

What I should definitely do is stop procrasti-blogging and get on with some real work…

I can’t wait to start sharing what Si and I are working on with everyone in future posts.

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