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Massive Ego: State of the Art

I just wanted to give everyone a quick status update. As you may have already noticed, the weekly Massive Ego column is a little bit late. That was because John was over in the UK and we took the opportunity to spend some time together. We had our first board meeting, revised our business plan, reviewed resin samples, drew up the world map, and played a couple of test games. It was great to talk face-to-face rather than over the internet, and we certainly got a lot more done.

Elsewhere we’ve both been writing briefs to send out to concept artists. We have three factions in active development and are looking to have character art ready for the sculptors in the next few weeks. That also means we’re getting closer to finally being able to reveal the game to you!

With regards the blog, I’m going to move Massive Ego to a bi-weekly column as we ramp up production. After we announce the game we’ll be showcasing some character art and background fiction, and I’ll share some insight into the game design.

Thanks to everyone for your support and patience so far; it feels like we’ve reached the tipping point between idea and reality, and we’ll hopefully be able to reward that patience really soon.

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