Shattered Earth

Acolytes of the Dragon

‘Sometimes fire must be fought with an inferno.’

The Cult of the Dragon rose to power through the blood and sacrifice of its unwavering Acolytes. Where once Lee Kyong-Min had commanded legions of adoring fans, he now led an army. These are the devoted servants of the Dragon, dedicated to spreading chaos and entropy – ‘do as thou wilt’ taken to its chilling conclusion.

Deployed on the front lines, the Acolytes of the Dragon are a fearsome and deadly opponent. They experiment with technology and body modification, enhancing their human abilities and turning themselves into ‘living weapons’. Oftentimes these enhancements are unstable, causing massive neurological damage and shutting down their hosts’ pain receptors.

The Acolytes of the Dragon wield vicious cybernetic implants, each one a unique and personal creation. Forearm blades, powered gauntlets, even razer-sharp scythes where legs once were. They attack with extreme aggression, engaging the front ranks of the enemy and causing chaos and panic. They eschew defence in favour of all-out attack, working themselves into a frenzy of blood and steel.

Whilst capable of rational thought, once they are engaged in battle it is often difficult for Acolytes to react with any tactical awareness; to this end, and despite their numbers, they are utilised primarily as shock troopers. Each Acolyte has sworn a blood oath and would rather die than be captured. In a barbaric symbol of their zeal, each one carries an implanted explosive device, activated in their death throws as a final devastating attack on their enemies.

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