Shattered Earth

Shattered Earth is the post-apocalyptic tabletop skirmish game of wondrous technology and existential horror. Set among the ruins of our broken world 30 years after a cataclysmic extinction-level event, the last remnants of humanity fight for their very existence against each other, and the terrifying hordes of the Deathless.

Using the esoteric powers of Ether, mankind has created technological wonders and explored the arcane mysteries of the past. Powerful Shapers wield Ether like magic, enacting miracles and creating a new school of science.The four human factions – the United Nations of Mankind, the Cult of the Dragon, the Children of the One True God, and the Humanist Rebellion – have their own competing ideologies, and conflict within and without threatens to wipe out humanity for good.

The Deathless – beings of dream and nightmare drawn into the material world in the wake of the event – represent the one unifying threat to mankind’s existence. Yet there are some who would seek to ally themselves with these eldritch horrors.

So pick a side, load up on Ether, and set out into the broken world of Shattered Earth.