Children of the One True God

After the first disasters struck, organised religion was in disarray. For most people of faith this was literally the end of days; every belief system described the coming apocalypse, but none suggested it could be survived. For those that remained, everything that they had once held true was stripped away. There existed a vast spiritual chasm in the soul of man, but a chasm that was soon to be filled.

Around ten years after the start of the Breaking, something miraculous happened. A woman calling herself the Prophet of the One True God appeared to all people of faith simultaneously. She called upon her followers – each in their native language – to travel to Jerusalem, where they would build a new religion dedicated to an old god. Based fundamentally on Judeo-Islamo-Christian beliefs, and in respect of all their teachings, this new religion would grow to become the largest organised religion in the world.

The Children of the One True God believe that the Breaking of the World was caused by the sins of man: that humanity had strayed too far from God’s light. They have taken it upon themselves, under the guidance of the Prophet, and the steady-hand of the Council of the Three, to usher forth a new era for humanity, one born of traditional values and heavily grounded in spiritual faith.

Every day, more and more survivors seek out the Children, and they are the fastest-growing of the major human factions. Their foot soldiers are the faithful, their leaders former priests, rabbis, and imams. They harness Ether – a gift from God – to work miracles, and use technology only when necessary. They are the Chosen, and the fires of their faith will light up the night.