Humanist Rebellion

The Humanist Rebellion was once known as the European Socialist Collective (ESC), and part of the UNM. A difference in ideology – the UNM was conservative and territorial, the ESC more progressive – led to a separation and, eventually, open rebellion. Rejecting the status quo, the Humanist Rebellion sees itself as ushering in the next evolutionary step for humanity.

Originally built upon modern, socialist principles, and rejecting spiritualism and rampant capitalism, the Humanist Rebellion is the ESC locked and loaded, and ready for war. What they lack in numbers compared to their largest rival, they make up for with cutting-edge technology born out of the new science of Etherology.

The forces of the Humanist Rebellion are made up of small, specialised units, wielding the latest experimental technology. They favour stealth above out-and-out conflict, and have been the first to trial limited-range flight. Their capital city is the newly-reopened port of Monaco on the southern French coast, and the majority of their populace is from European lineages.