The Deathless

In the wake of untold destruction, when the remnants of humanity where struggling to comprehend what had happened to their world, something else began to take root. With the barrier between our world and the world of dreams at its thinnest, and with scientists and occultists alike toying with a power they did not fully comprehend, a door was left open. And through that door, darkness poured out.

They came slowly at first, laying claim to land far beyond the gaze of humanity. But sooner or later, that gaze came to rest upon those otherworldly creatures, so beautiful and terrifying. Already dealing with the existential threat of the End of Days, and the emergence of Ether, humanity’s first encounter with the Deathless was as predictable as it was devastating.

In the remote northern territories of what used to be Russia and Scandinavia, the isolated pockets of survivors that lived there stood no chance. Fighting for their life against an enemy that they could not even comprehend, they were wiped out within hours. The Deathless had taken first blood, and it would not be long before the rest of humanity learned of this new threat.

If the UNM are to be believed, then that is all the Deathless are – a sinister and deadly foe to be expunged at all costs. But like all things we do not fully understand, the truth is anything but as clear-cut. The Deathless are seen as strangers in our world, and though it is only recently that they have been acknowledged, in truth they have always been here. Whenever a living creature dreams, its consciousness drifts beyond the veil, into the Immateria – into their world.

Since time immemorial the Deathless have watched our world through our own eyes. And they have shaped the thoughts and feelings of many; from gifted artists to serial killers – all have been at the whim of the beings from the realm of dreams. They are entirely alien to most of humanity, and clear motives are difficult to ascertain. They have been hostile towards anyone they have encountered, but their attacks are seemingly uncoordinated. Regardless of their ultimate aims, one question above all has plagued those who dare to think it: did we dream them into existence, or did we dream about them because they existed?