United Nations of Mankind

Born out of a necessary co-operation between the USA and Russia, the United Nations of Mankind (UNM) are the largest of the human factions. They have the biggest population, the safest cities, and the most guns. They believe in the values that drove humanity’s evolution prior to the Breaking, and seek a return to those days.

The shifting tectonic plates have created a land-bridge between the two former-rival super powers, and the Inter-Continental Railroad – the largest and most heavily-guarded route in the world – maintains trade links and keeps commerce flowing. The twin capitals of Washington D.C. and Moscow are equally the most heavily-guarded cities in the world, and a beacon of hope for most of the world’s human population.

Life in the UNM is little different from how it was several decades before; people go to work, form relationships, enlist in the military. Resources are far more scarce and harder to obtain, but the sharp drop in the world’s population has balanced this out somewhat. That being said, the UNM dedicates the majority of its efforts towards securing what exploitable resources remain on Earth, and defending its borders.

The UNM have slowly begun to embrace Ether as another resource to be exploited, but they do so with caution. Their military still relies heavily on projectile weaponry, and their machines are still powered by oil and gas. Their soldiers are well-disciplined and well-drilled, with crack teams of elite rangers – known colloquially as Tier Zero Operators – venturing out into the Shattered Earth to lay claim to the land beyond their borders.